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Table for Six
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Table for Six offers a boutique dating service that gives members the opportunity to create a Personality Profile which reflects their personalities, interests, background, professional life and educational level. The Table for Six dating staff then reviews these profiles and uses the information contained in the profiles to create comfortable dinner dates where six individuals meet and get to know each other. The staff continuously reviews members' feedback and complaints to refine the process of matchmaking at these dinner dates.

Janie from Santa Monica submitted the following review which she shared with the Table for Six reviews webpage. "At age 36 I have tried just about every dating strategy imaginable without any positive results. When I joined Table for Six dating I swore that this would be the last matchmaking service that I would ever join. On the very first dinner date I met the man who became my husband. The match was perfect -- we share similar backgrounds and have the same sort of goals for our future. Coincidently, we've remained good friends with another couple which also met at that same dinner."

Nick from Walnut Creek also joined Table for Six because of frustrations and complaints with various dating services. "I got tired of dealing with everyone through computers and emails and chats -- I wanted a service that had real people on the other end of the line. With T46, everything is personalized. It gives a feeling of working with someone who really cares whether you succeed or not."

Beth from Irvine enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the Table for Six encounters. "I registered for T46 because my friends were tired of hearing complaint after complaint about my dating life. I decided to prove to them that I was trying everything. Lo and behold, I found myself looking forward to the dinners. The conversation was lively, the people were friendly and I stopped worrying about "meeting someone" and just decided to have a good time. Of course, as soon as I stopped looking....I met the perfect guy."

Matt from Mountain View has a few Table for Six reviews to share. "The T46 dating process was a bit nerve-racking because I'm a shy person, but after my second dinner date, I started to enjoy going to the dinners. Once I settled down, it was easy to meet great women, several of whom became my friends and one of which is now my girlfriend. I generally don't submit feedback, but felt that the T46 staff should hear my reviews. The most important thing is to encourage members to stick with the process, relax, and the rest will come naturally."

Erin from Los Angeles checked out the whole program, including the Table for Six complaints page to get a fully-rounded picture of T46. "Just the fact that there's a Table for Six complaints page was enough to convince me that it's worthwhile to try the program. If a company is secure enough to share all sorts of client feedback, including complaints -- that says a lot. I've only attended two dinners so far but if they are any indication of what is waiting for me in the future, I'm glad that I joined."

Reviews and complaints for Table for Six.
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