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Lifemates Canada is one of the most popular dating websites on the internet and has made its mark well known in the Canadian cyber-space of people looking for dating, lifemates and companionship. Lifemates Canada has become a part and parcel of life for many, providing a never-ending source of quality like-minded people who are also looking for dating and lifemates.

Sarah from Toronto wrote "I was set up with three other women before I was introduced to Bill. From our first meeting we felt comfortable and connected. Great match, thanks Lifemates."

Teri from Erin wrote "Meeting someone who takes family serious is important to me and that's only one of the reasons that I'm so relieved to have met someone like Mark through Lifemates. Mark is an amazing and loving man and treats me royally. He's also a terrific father which gives me a wonderful feeling of security. Nevermind the Lifemates cost, just go for it."

"The match with Marea was a great inspiration on the part of our Lifemates Canada matchmaker. We have a lot in common and she's a fun and beautiful person. I'm eagerly anticipating seeing where Marea and I will go from here. "
Francis from Calgary.

Gary from Montreal "When I first met Marianna I wasn't sure what to think but after 3 dates it's clear that we're going somewhere. We've both asked to be put on Lifemates "inactive" list because neither of us is interestedin meeting anyone else at this time. "

Rachel of Ottawa wrote " Randy was my second introduction and it was clear, from the first date, that we were a perfect match. We got engaged pretty quickly -- after three months -- but when you know that it's right, it's 100% clear. We both believe in the importance of marriage and building a strong family and, thanks to Lifemates, are ready to get started."

Marcy from Vancouver says "My Lifemates experience was, ultimately, a successful endeavor, but I also wanted to note that it was a very positive experience as well. Although I was initially startled at the high Lifemates cost and all thier fees, they did a great job of assessing the kind of person that I was looking to meet and introducing me to someone who really fit my hopes and expectations. I met three other men before I met Art and each meeting was pleasant and the men were suitable, but once Art and I clicked, nothing else mattered. I'm thrilled."

Just in from Will of Ottawa "After having tried numerous other dating services, I'm in awe at how accurate and on target Lifemates Canada was in zeroing in on the kind of woman that I wanted to meet, and actually making it happen. In fact, Lifemates ended up introducing me to a lady that I'd actually considered asking out 15 years ago! It never happened then and she went on her way and I went on mine, but I never forgot her. So when her name popped up as a possible introduction immediately after I joined LifeMates, I was beyond stunned. But some things, you just don't question, so we just started dating as though we were new acquaintences. After we'd started to date seriously, Melissa told me that she had wanted to ask ME out 15 years ago too, but was too shy!  Maybe we would have found each other anyway, but I'm not sure. In the meantime, this has been a whirlwind of a year and it's going to just get crazier with our upcoming wedding....."

There have been many positive reviews about Lifemates Canada, some of which we will review here in this space. "I never knew about the existence of dating services as a source of dating potential lifemates" says Bill from Edmonton, "It was a friend that introduced me to the concept and showed me how it is done. I chose to register with Lifemates Canada with a laid-back and cool approach and was interested and surprised to find many responses to my dating profile. Now I am going steady with a woman who seems to like me and I like her also! I am quite happy that I used Lifemates Canada service for finding my potential lifemate!". 

Bill's case is but one of the many stories there exists about Lifemates Canada service. Another case in point: "I was simply astonished about the depth and variety of choices available to people looking for lifemates on the web who chose to register themselves in Lifemates Canada dating website. Though I work in Calgary, I was able to find a man of my tastes and liking in Edmonton. We get together often and I am pretty sure he is going to my lifemate as I am steady with him now" – Angela from Calgary

People just don’t open up to each other that easily. They need a sense of security before opening up with potential match-mates and lifemates suggested by Lifemates Canada. Another case in point: "I never believed in online dating website as a source of finding true love. Lifemates Canada has been able to prove me wrong, now I am happily married to the woman of my dreams (well not exactly my dreams, but she fits in well J) and I met her through this dating website which I believe also pre-screens people to weed out fake profiles. This is a great feature, one that I would recommend to anyone looking to source a lifemate or seeking to find true love on the internet." – Ron from Vancouver

Peggy is a florist in Montreal and she says, "I have never thought myself as attractive to men and I consider myself out of the league of 'beauties' and 'brains'. I am just another normal woman and being unable to source true love elsewhere I found this website Lifemates Canada through an internet search and decided to go with them and I am happy I made the right choice, within a few weeks I was able to find my knight in shining armor, well he is quite a knight close enough to my tastes. He is sensitive and accommodates to my feelings, just what I wanted in a man for myself". 

Professionals who are looking for lifemates who are also professionals in the same field find services like Lifemates Canada very attractive for it is an unending source of relevant, quality, pre-screened and like-minded potential life partners and a possible source of love on the internet. Danny from Toronto writes in reviewing Lifemates dating website saying, "Lifemates Canada site has a very emotional level of appeal both in the quality and quantity of choices available. Everything went right for me with this dating website, and may be I was lucky and I am in fact surprised this happened just the way it did. Now I found the woman whom I had a mental picture of, in my mind, all thanks to Lifemates Canada."

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