Ideas for Build an Indoor Dog Ramp


Indoor dog ramp – An indoor ramp to provide access to a smaller or older dog couches or beds. The ramps not only allow the dog to come on the sofa or bed without human assistance but offer the dogs a way to return to the floor without jumping, and possibly damage the back or legs. Commercial ramps are available, but a do-it-yourself er can complete the project with modest tools and skills.

Ideas for build an indoor dog ramp, determine the size of the ramp. Measure the height on beds or sofas in the home. If the dog is capable of a small step, the height of the ramp to be 3 or 4 inches less than the height of the bed or couch. The horizontal length of the ramp should be at least twice the height of the boom. Cut 1- to 4-inch pine boards for the frame. Cut two pieces of the base length of the ramp. Cut two pieces of the height of the ramp for the upright.

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Attach the top of the triangle to the base and frame. Cut a piece of 5/8 inch plywood to make the ramp surface. The width of the indoor dog ramp surface can vary from about 6 inches for a small dog to 18 inches for larger dogs. Paint the frame to match the existing decor of the room where it will be used.


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