How to Fix Cat Tree Carpet


Cat tree carpet – While you love your cat, you cannot love the harm it can do to your home with scratches. With its sharp claws, cats can leave long tears and in the carpet when repaired. If left untreated, a rip can fringes, becomes larger with time. Train your cat to use a scratching post instead of your carpet, but also take time to repair the damage caused cat. A very big rip requires skills a carpet repair professional, but smaller holes can be repaired by basic cat tree carpet patch.


Draw a circle on a piece of cardboard or heavy paper with a pencil. The circle should be just barely larger than the whole cat tore the carpet. Cut the circle with scissors. This is your template. Place the template on top of the damaged section of carpet; it will cover the rip or tear completely.

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Hold the model firmly with one hand and cut the carpet around the template with a carpet knife or a utility knife. Spread the carpet fibers apart so your incision is made clean. Remove the piece cutting mat. Vacuum the area or otherwise pick up any carpet debris. This will allow you to fix the patch in place clean.

Cut a mat patch using the template paper and utility knife or carpet knife. Insert the patch into the hole in the carpet area, you fixing to ensure that there is a good fit. Remove the carpet patch and tune it if necessary. Spread the cat tree carpet glue on the bottom of the patch and around the edge of the backing.

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