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Dinnerworks specializes in informal and formal gatherings as a pressure-free and comfortable way of meeting with like-minded singles for dating purposes. Dinnerworks currently operates social gatherings in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.  

Jenny from Vancouver states "I joined Dinner works dating community with high hopes but as yet I am unable to find a suitable match for me. To their credit, they did introduce me to a few social gatherings of like-minded people. May be, I guess I am just not normal enough when I say that I didn’t particularly like any of the members of the opposite sex in the gatherings I have been to so far." 

Matt from Ottawa says that "I heartily recommend the Dinner works mode of finding suitable life partners in dating arena. You are paired with up to four women or men as your case may be in the company of likewise others so you could find your way socially through the gathering. Whether your intentions are for casual dating or romantic long-term dating, this method may probably work for you." 

Stephanie from Toronto: "Dinner Works uses the classic tried and true match making specialty social events – dinners with like-minded socials. I still haven’t found anyone that I am deeply interested in so far, but I believe I am getting there using their one-of-a-kind service." 

Frank from Ottawa says that "Their arranged modality dinners are worth attending and if you keep yourself at it, you are good to get the partner of your dreams. I think this is a great way of socializing and getting to know and meet new people and eventually you may find somebody of your dreams. I am one of their satisfied users and I am in a relationship with a woman whom I met through this dating website." 

Steve from Vancouver: "Their dinner works idea is unique concept and it does work. I personally am now romantically involved with a woman I met through one of the meetings arranged and introduced by their team – the Dinner works team. Dinner works worked for me, so it may work for you too." 

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