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Every person goes through the dating stage for need of company, short-term or long-term. With the evolution of the digital economy, the internet opens up the possibility of putting us in reach of more people as potential dating partners than never thought before. The more the digital economy advances, the more is the number of choices available as websites that specialize in matchmaking and dating, for short-term or long-term purposes. 

Dating seems to be big business, at least on the internet.  The internet with its anonymity factor is a big draw when it comes to using it for finding potential partners and lifemates. Just as everywhere else in the world, Canada and the uSA are no strangers to using internet-based services for matchmaking and dating. 

The variety of online dating services that arrange dating contacts via online methods is astounding and astonishing, as is their growth. The sheer number of choices available through these dating portals can make your heart pound, palpitate and excited at the prospect of being able to find your life partner from a larger pool than you would have ever thought possible. 

We sometimes base our decisions of choices in life based on hearsays and opinions of other people. So it is well within reason that we look for Canada or American dating website site reviews and dating complaints before choosing to go with particular dating websites, whether one or many, where we would then list our dating profiles for the world to see and be able to search and find us somehow. 

The radio show called Invisible Ink Radio broadcasts once a week on Saturday night 11:00 PM in a number of Canadian and American cities. The show is about dating reviews and dating complaints. Callers call in and sometimes discuss dating agencies and online dating websites and the results they got from them. It may be worth one's while to go through such dating reviews to get an idea of the Canadian dating arena. 

It is now also possible to send in your dating reviews through our email address.

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About our Radio Reviews

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